Wednesday, April 4, 2018

30 Minute Photo Studies #23-26

For this set I took a crack at a few of the personalities I follow on YouTube. You know between painting and studying. To be honest this set didn't get the reception I was expecting which means a few things in my mind. One I've gotta keep pushing; yeah; I am improving but these aren't "shareable" yet. and Two; I might need to spend more than 30 minutes on a piece of art if I expect perfect likeness.
But yeah guys please continue reading to check out the art, and don't forget to leave a little feed back for me.


Took a shot at InfernoOmni for the first of this series. I think I hit it on likeness? But I could have pushed a little harder to make sure I got all of the tones and values to match the source image... For the time invested I think this is one of the more successful of the set.

Artsy Omni (You can also catch him and his work on the Smashified channel)

Compared to the last study, at least in my opinion this was a big step down. I could say the image was lower rez the background was too detailed or make up some other excuse. But I think the biggest problem here was lake of time spend in planning stage. and way to much time invested into the background. Sorry Omni.

Rodgers Base
I think I cam close on this one. I missed the mark when it came to blending edges. The shading on the eye isn't very flattering either think dark lines age him more than they should. Some of the measurements are a little off. I need to stay focused on getting those right when I'm doing my lines.

Kienan Lafferty
This one was pretty close. Missed the shaped of his jaw line. I think that killed likeness more than anything else. I needed to push my darks a little further as well. Have to draw what I'm seeing and stop making assumptions.


And don't forget guys I'm always looking for your feedback as well! Hit me up in the comments! And don't forget to add me on Twitter! You can see these as I finish them! 
As always God bless, be safe!


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