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Hi! My name is James McCauley, or as I'm know throughout the internet LessThanPi. I've always had a passion for 2d art, I've chosen now to dive into it as a career. I especially enjoy drawing people, be it a fantasy/sci-fi character creation from my mind, or caricatures and portrait art of people I've just met. There is just so much to capture in the human form and so many different ways to do it! I've recently gotten into digital painting, but I've always been a fan of black and white traditional mediums ranging from pencil and pen to charcoal. I love building relationships and friendships with my clients and always strive to give more than I get.

I currently reside in Woodstock, GA. When I'm not drawing or digitally painting, I'm spending time with my children and beautiful wife. When I get free time between art and the family I am learning as much as I can about anything I can!

Frequently asked questions:

What are the origins of the name <π (LessThanPi)?

Great question! <π actually started as <3 which I alternatively spelled LessThanThree. Just before my competitive smash brothers days something about <3 just stuck. I've always been a very competitive person, and in my youth I was all about changing the world. I wanted to take ownership of what the <3 symbol represented, since in my mind it wasn't a heart it was part of a mathematical function!
At the time I figured "If I become a house hold name that <3 won't mean love anymore." I quickly came to the realization that as a high school kid (and especially without the internet being what it is today) I just didn't have the time the drive and the ability to make that happen.

So I, instead, began to ask myself what is less than three? Three less than what? And so the name kind of took new meaning to me in answering these questions. the answer to the first question was obvious. I am LessThanThree. The second question opened up a ton of answers.

As a young man I believed I was less than my family, my friends, my girlfriend. As a Christian I believe God comes first. And as Christians we believe in the God, the creator/the father; in Jesus, God's son and our undeserved gift; and the holy spirit who resides within us. These three are greater than me.

<π was kind of an evolution of <3. Pi of course is ~3.1415 so π and 3 shared that same whole number digit. Pi is my favorite number, Pi sounds smart, <3.141... looks clever. <π is so much less common than <3. But more meaningfully it still answered those same questions in the same way, but with a little bit extra to give room for these things I don't grasp and don't understand. A way to keep myself humble and in turn thankful.

How long have you been drawing?

All my life! People have always told me I was very talented but I've never believed talent alone is enough. I've met far less tallented artists who have worked harder than me and are now leagues better.
Just these past few years I have been really taking it seriously; well on and off. Doing studies and drawing everyday with the intention of learning something new and pushing out boundaries is the only way to get better so... that's what I do now!

What Tablet do you use?


How Can I contact you for work?

Clicking here will take you over to my commissions page where you find out more about the services I offer.
Or if you have any questions you can contact me directly at LessThanPiArt@Gmail.com

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