Tuesday, February 28, 2017

30 Minute Portrait study #6-10

Hey Gents' Ladies we are going with a slightly different format this time! Instead of just one I'm going to drop 5 studies at a time give self critiques for each one. my hope with these is this format is two fold. one We won't clog up the blog with tons of little one shot posts. And two you can see the grow a little easier. Whelp let me know what you think!

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Self Critique:
-Nose is turned stretched and give the impression of being turned up more than the reference.
-Face is too long need to place the key features better when compared to the reference.
-Keep it up Me!

Self Critique:
-mouth is a little too small again.. too focused on vertical and for got about horizontal spacing relative to the reference.
-He cheek bone is sticking out way too much compared with the reference. Maybe start flipping the canvas frequently so I don't get too used to the errors.
-Got afraid of the darks again, right after we seemed to break the habit. Don't forget! Never forget!!

Self Critique:
-really need to get features in before I worry about adding details
-Rendering looks lazy and muddy...
-Zoom out for big picture zoom in only for details! You are magnifying small things that don't read from far away!

Self Critique:
-Done be afraid of those DARKS!
-Went a little extreme on the the highlight for the chin my man!
Too much contrast on the nose... you are getting it but dont for get to take a step back often.

Self Critique:
-some of the angles on the face are off (Jawline is slightly concave, her right cheekbone is too far out and set too low) These are minor and could have been fixed relatively quickly but definitely would have helped push likeness better.
-her right eye is too low relative to the left one. and a little too small as well?
-Mouth may be too small again.
-Take time to get the measurements right during the drawing phase don't wait till rendering to try and fix errors in the drawing.


And don't forget guys I'm always looking for your feedback as well! Hit me up in the comments!
As always God bless, be safe!


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