Saturday, February 11, 2017

30 Minute Portrait Study #5

#5 I feel like I'm getting a better grasp on the face now... not to the point where I can pop attractive faces out of my imagination but I'm definitely understanding some things more clearly.

You know the deal by now. Continue reading for my self critique

Self Cirtiques

-You've been doing the forehead way too large.

-Watch out for going too dark when there isn't shadow (her right side). Made her cheek look more sunken in than it is.

-You forgot the brush thing. use different brushes to blend the skin tones a little better. chalk brush can't do it all my man!

-Darker on the eyes to better match the reference picture. maybe zooming out further will help with drawing what you see instead of whats in you hear that much more.

Thanks For Reading!

And don't forget guys I'm always looking for your feedback as well! Hit me up in the comments!
As always God bless, be safe!


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