Wednesday, February 8, 2017

30 Minute Portrait Study #1

I'm going to start doing at least one of these 30 minute portrait studies a day for a while. I really need to get my faces stronger, and the only way is with more mileage.
I'll likely just be grabbing these from Pintrest, but when possible (like now) I'll be posting links to the reference.
Keep reading for a quick self critique.

-So! Definitely dropped the ball hitting some of the angles and matching position of facial features. the mouth and jaw line jump out at me the most.

-I am pretty happy with how the hair turned out. But I'll definitely push it on the next piece.

-Dropped the ball capturing the same emotion, but that may have just been a side effect od missing proportions.

And don't forget YOUR feedback is welcome as always, and definitely hit my up with suggestions.

As always guys God bless, be safe.

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