Wednesday, March 29, 2017

30 Minute Studies #15-18

Back again with another set of 4!... Gonna be brief on words this time and let the art speak for itself. Gonna do about three more sets of these before I move onto another kind of exercise. Just continue reading to see more.

This one is me trying to get back into it after a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild induced hiatus. missed a lot of marks here The eyes immediately come off as alien and don't read like the reference and a lot of hard edges all over the image make it too many high detail areas and thus create a situation where it is hard to focus.

Not super successful with this one. big differences in some of the angles between the model and my rendition. On the right my face is at a completely made yp angle. We are also starting to get afraid of going to bright on highlights and there is no reason to by that concerned by them.

After checking the footage this one was actually closer to 20 minutes than 30. And I think this one is the most successful of the bunch. I definitely ended up compressing her face horizontally. I think I'm using the frame I draw as a measuring device for these painting that a habit I can break pretty easily I think.

Got a little scared of going too light with my highlight and I think that really hurt here. I tried to pay very close attention to my proportions and line angles and I think it shows here. definitely some thing that could have been fixed here and there though. definitely have to keep and eye on these edges so there don't become distractions to where I want my focal points. the the cheek bone as an example. Minor gripe with this one is the hair on the left side it is too far from her face and something I could have easily caught if I was taking my time during the drawing phase instead of jumping right into painting.


And don't forget guys I'm always looking for your feedback as well! Hit me up in the comments!
As always God bless, be safe!


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