Sunday, April 2, 2017

30 Minute Photo Studies #19-22

Still Grinding on these studies. Continue reading to check out the other three and check out my opinions on them.

I think this one actually hit the hardest out of the 4. yeah some of the proportions and shapes are off, but ignoring setting up the frame before exploring the shape of the reference really helped a bunch. I also think I did some canvas flips on this lady as well.

I spent a little too much of my time in the beginning on the background , but I caught myself and scrambled to get back to what was important, the subject of the reference. I laid out basic shapes and then basic tones. I think I hit pretty well on proportions here but the shapes were slightly off on the jaw line and I didn't go light enough on my lights.
I don't know where all of my time when this thins one but I definitely remember checking the clock and realizing I only had a few second left. instead of working from large to small I started painting in details before I had the basic values in place to work from. Valuable lesson learned on #21 for sure. Grand values first details second. (also the lips are too small another symptom of not looking at the whole picture)

Very subtle changes could have really pushed this one way higher on the for likeness. I think I just got too committed to my line work and stopped trusting what the reference was trying to show me. Still had a lot of fun with this one though.

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And don't forget guys I'm always looking for your feedback as well! Hit me up in the comments! And don't forget to add me on Twitter! You can see these as I finish them! As I'm posting this I'm already on #25! But you wouldn't know that if you are waiting around here! Next group We are using personalities I follow on YouTube. Don't miss it!

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