Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where did Mega Mash Mix Monday go?

Its right here on LessThanPiArt.com! don't fret and don't worry guys I'll still be giving you guys updates here on characters, the game mechanics, and the story as I continue the project. The issue with doing Vlogs is the amount of work required to go in right? So while planning the characters, game play elements and comic's world will be happening regardless. I have to do these things to create a strong world for my characters to live in. The largest time sinks are recording and editing, and given that the return is just not there yet and not advancing the true goal. the comic. Why do them? That's 5-6 hours a week that could be spent working on illustration for LessThanPi Art and panels for Mega Mash Mix.

I said I want to be the best, and when your goal is "best" you have to learn where to cut the fat out of your diet, and you can't hesitate to do that once you realize where that extra fat is. I hope you guys understand and continue to keep checking back for updates.

As always guys God Bless, be safe.

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