Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Wanna be the Very Best!

I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!

And I mean that, but boy is it an uphill battle. I’m not going to complain
about my responsibilities though in this video instead… let’s talk about

LessThanPi Art

LessThanPi Art is the name of… my brand if you will. One of the larger issues
with the brand has always been inconsistency more than anything. Part of that
is just do to poor time management, but I think a bigger part is I haven’t
exactly figured out exactly what LessThanPi Art is supposed to be; what the
focus is. I’ve constantly flip flopped on what I want the focus of the channel
to be and what I want the goal of the brand to be. SO! We are going to figure
that out right now… well I mean as I did when I wrote the script anyway. We’ll
be doing Comics, Character design and illustrations! BOOM! That’s going to be
IT! And as a brand I want to be approachable for all ages.  So from now on… you know what to expect from
the channel. Our goal as of late has been acquiring new followers and
subscribers… that’s okayish… but, as a brand or goal should be to become a
respected and contributing member of art community, especially the game art
community. We haven’t made a single step in that direction since the inception
of LessThanPi Art

: No focus for the brand.
Solution: We did that part already.  We
will focus on character design, Illustration and of course our flagship comic
Mega Mash Mix (and comics in general). We’ll do this by drastically reducing
other non-paying distractions like large scale free promotional art for other
content creators and other businesses.

: Incorrect goals as a brand
Solution: We need to shift our focus from grow our “stats” to growing our
influence. We do this by creating helpful and entertaining videos covering the
subjects our brand is focused on. If we make quality content followers and
subscribers will naturally come because people want to share.

Main Problem: New and even existing subscribers have no clue what the
LessThanPi Art brand is, and even less about what direction it is headed in.
Main Solution: Make consistent videos and other promotional content very in line
with what our new focus, comics, illustration, and character design, is in a
clear effort to achieve our new goal, become a contribution and respected
member within these circles. Another key point is consistency and following
through on promises made to the community.

Mega Mash Mix

MMM is supposed to be my flagship comic! In my mind on
release it will be so a great thing that sparks self employment and a great
life for my family, and while I do understand exactly how unlikely that is, if
I’m being honest I’m not putting effort into it the in such a way that it could
even possibly do well. I’m splitting my time up way too much to produce quality
content for MMM. And as followers and subscribers I’m sure you can tell. Mega
Mash Mix Monday hasn’t been on a Monday in over three weeks and even then the
quality is poor because, I’ll be honest guys, I slap them together at the last
minute the night before! The Mega Mash Mix twitter account does doesn’t produce
daily content worth sharing so how could I expect it to grow at all when there
is no value for other individuals there?

: MMM Mondays are inconsistent and very poor quality.
Solution: Have a structured MMM Monday set up; write scripts, high quality
slides instead of time-lapsed art. Create milestones to complete throughout the
week. For example tues: script, wed: art, thrus: record Friday edit. Sat
schedule upload.

: MMM Twitter (@megamashmix) is inconsistent and very poor quality.
Solution: Batch content for Twitter like concept art, character “win quotes”
and interactions between characters” as well as daily sketches (I’ll do more of
that regularly anyway explained later), Releasing WIP content as I work on the
MMM Mondays

Main Problem
: MMM brand as a whole represents ALSO low-quality inconsistent
Main Solution: Don’t take on too many projects schedule time throughout the
week to work on MMM and stay committed to it!

In Conclusion

Alright guys well thanks for the awesome support even with our flaws we are
still growing pretty rapidly especially on twitter. If you like what I’m doing
call me out, expect more from me, and hold me responsible! More than fans I
want friends a community, that’s going to help myself and each other, grow as
people and as artists!
If you like our new focus and new set of goals please tap that like button for
me. If you are interested in Mega Mash Mix check back next week for an in depth
look a one of the character in the game, Ruby and get a better look at what the
comic is all about. Subscribe so you don’t miss it.
All my other social media stuff is in the in the description and a link to the
art and music featured in the video will be below for you
guys and gals.

As always guys, God Bless. Be safe. See you next time!



All of the music was provided by Musician and Composer Alan Gee you can check out his work down below.
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