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MegaMashMix Design Doc. (WIP)

MegaMashMix is a platform fighter similar to Super Smash Brothers series. The game takes place on a 2D Plane where characters are pit against one another on platforms. I imagine we all understand the "platform fighter" concept here. But the concepts we will expand on here will be ones that differentiate this game from what smash has taught us to expect.

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Hit Points, Percentages and knock back.

The main thing that separates this game from other a game like smash is the main game mode has both hit points which cause your character to lose a stock once they run out as well as, percentage. Each character has a different max hit point value, but every character percentage is handled as ratio between the current hit points and the max. In our game the character’s knock back is handled based on this ratio this is how beefier characters live longer.


Another defining point of the game is the focus system. In our game each character has a special focus meter that expands on some aspect of the character unique to them. Some grow over time, some change periodically, and others change once certain criteria are met.

There are typically 2 main types of Focus: Gauge and Toggle.


Grows or decays based on certain events in game. As examples Kurame’s Focus gauge increases as he does Mash attacks, and Sarah’s is constantly decaying over time but increases as she deals damage.


These change periodically or once certain criteria are met. As examples Ruby’s Heartbeat gauge changes based on time. Shirame’s toggles once he reaches a certain percentage.


There are 4 basic inputs in MegaMashMix attack, special, jump and grab. Plus directional inputs which give you access to movement and defensive options. Normal Attacks: Tap, mash, & mega mash
So instead of smash attacks like in SSB we have "mash" attacks. By rapidly tapping a button you can turn a weak fast attack into a strong but slower one. Generally there are 3 stages of the mash attacks: 


Movement: Walking

Holding a direction on your directional pad will have your character walk in that direction. If you input an attack while walking it will read as a neutral attack.

Movement: Dashing

Double tapping a direction will cause your character to dash a set distance for most characters. You can inturpt the dash animation by inputting an attack this will let you do a dashing attack variation or you can jump which will let you retain you forward momentum ala Megaman X.
Some characters like Pinikuu and Pailette Jr. have run animations. These animations will continue as long as you hold the directional button. If you let go of the button you will enter a skid animation. Similar to our standard dash you can also cancel your runs by attacking or jumping.

Movement: Aerial Dashing

You can dash once in the air at anytime provided you aren’t in an attack or special animation. You can cancel your aerial dash by attacking, jumping or performing a block or side step dodge. Any of these options will carry your momentum forward.
Some characters like Pailette Jr. have aerial runs where they can glide until they let go of the button or a focus resource is depleted.

Defense: Low stance, super armor frames.

In MMM there is no shield button instead you can block attacks by going into the “block stance”; holding the “down” button on the ground or in air. While in the low stance you gain super armor which blocks all attacks except those with armor break properties. But don’t be fooled while blocking most characters can’t move and only have access to down tilt attacks or their jump, and it takes a few moments for your character to go back into neutral stance.

Dodge: High stance; Side stepping

In MMM with no dedicated shield button what we do to dodge is press the up button to perform a side step, this can be done in the air. There is slight start up and cool down before and after the invulnerability frames. Similar to the block stance any time during the dodge animation you can cancel it with a jump or an up angled attack, and the full dodge animation has to complete before you can return to your neutral stance. Conversely though, you do take extra damage and increased knock back if you are hit while in the vulnerable frames of the high stance.



A "Tap!" which is comparable to a jab
A "Mash!!" a series of taps, usually 2 or more in a row, will change the attack's animation into a stronger one; usually with more range, damage and knock back. and if you continue tapping…
A "Mega Mash!!!" 10 or more taps in a row will activate a third animation, one of the character’s strongest, but slowest moves.

Angled attacks and Dash attacks

in our game you only have neutral, dash up, and down angled attacks, both in the air and on the ground every character has access to tap and mash versions of all of these attacks, that’s at least 16 different basic attacks for each character! Plus there is the Mega Mash!

The Mega Mash!!!

The Mega Mash is a signature attack that hits a wide area. Most characters have only two MegaMashAttack that can be accessed from any of the angle stances. One is a grounded version and the other an aerial version. They have huge knock back, huge damage, huge range, or some combination of the 3 in exchange for large cool down and start up.

Jump Inputs

Jumping: Variable heights

In MMM you can precisely control you jump height; unlike smash where you have two types of jump (your short hop and full hop). In our fictional game your jump height is tied to how long you hold down the jump button. To clarify there IS a minimal jump height and max jump height but you can choose any height between them depending on how long you push the button. (Think the original Mario and Megaman platforming games)
Most characters have 2 jumps; one grounded and one aerial jump. These both have the variable jump height feature. You also have access to 1 aerial dash while in mid air

Special Inputs

So this is where things get similar again! Our game has character defining special attacks too! Our moves specials can be mashed as well! And though while typically you won't see big changes in the animations there are still changes on the effectiveness or utilities the specials provide. Also note most of the specials are affected by the character's focus gauge as well in some way.

Our game has three special moves up special, down special, and neutral. Up is usually a “third jump” or evasive special, down is usually a defensive special and neutral is uh… something neutrally special like a projectile. Most characters can only use their up special once while in the air, but it doesn’t put them into any helpless or free fall animation.

Grab Inputs

You can grab while grounded or while aerial. Grabs beat our blocks completely. When you grab an opponent you have access to 4 different types of throws which correspond to the face buttons. You and your opponent have a brief moment during the grab to select one of these options if you pick the same option your opponent breaks from the grab resetting to neutral.


IN Mega Mash Mix the characters are actually various characters from fictional comics I’ve thought up over the years, and eventually hope to produce in the future. It’s a fun way to give fans a taste of what’s to come from future LessThanPi Art products. And to be honest it is a fun and safe way I can explore my OWN characters in a safe way too. 

There are 12 characters in game from 6 different stories.
From Sky there are Ahn Grato’sen; Captain of the Brilliant Pirates, and his wife Thri Grato’sen; The most famous swordsman, Ruby the engineer and Pailette Jr. the prodigy pilot.
From Run we have Kurame, the Hero with the Gap, Pinikuu The Greatest Treasure Hunter, and Shirame the worried inventor.
Apple Pi E Less Than Three is where Pi; The dancing magician and E; the Runic Gunner come from.
From Mad we have Sarah The Really Angry.
From The Hand of the Desert Rose there is Lumiere The Healer.
From The Soul Stealer there is Lesien The Soul Stealer.

In closing

Whelp, guys it’s about that time. Thanks for hanging around and reading this far down. Did I miss anything important? Have any questions for me? Definitely hit me up down below in the comment and let me know. As always guys, God bless be safe.

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