Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Dreams!

Since I was a child I wanted to pursue a career in art. And for years I’ve jumped on and off this train, working hard studying my craft trying to grow my brand only to stop once obstacles, large or small would pop up. While many of them were very real and required immediate attention and my priority I know at the same time I was using them as an excuse to avoid the hard work necessary to become a professional artist.
Well late last year I decided I wanted to quit my day job and pursue my passion for art to support myself and my large family. I sat down drafted the first half of an actionable 1 year plan to reach a measurable goal, and since the plan doesn’t consist of me walking out of my job and faith leaping head on into the art world, there is a lot of sacrifice on my personal free time, and even in some cases time spent with my family and loved ones, and that my friends is where extreme motivation is required to keep pushing forward.

If you continue reading what I’d like to do is share 5 of the things that keep me moving forward in hopes that you can find inspiration in them as well!

1. Colossians 3:23

I’ve been trying to live a God first life, and hear me out! Even if you aren’t a believer in Christ or any higher power this idea of putting your everything into everything you do is HUGE. The value you create when you put your all simply can’t be ignored by the rest of the world.
Colossians reads:
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”
And when you personally make a commitment to do everything you can to accomplish a goal it becomes that much harder to deviate from your path.

2. To be a positive example

I want to show the world, and more specifically my children, that with hard work and determination you can turn a dream into reality. I want people to be able to tap into my personal story and pull inspiration from it and know that if I can do it with all of the limitations and responsibilities I have, then they can do it too! And beyond that I want those people who I influence to go out and start being an inspiration to others as well!

3. My Stories

I have TONS of stories I want to tell, and the only way I can do that the way I want to be by making art a full time career. I have never met an artist who didn’t have at least 1 story they wanted to share with the world, but most of us have scores of worlds and characters floating around in our heads. I want to get them all out there! Some are just for fun; just a giggle or two, but I’m sure there are some stories that may even be powerful enough to save a life! Expressing my stories is a huge motivation for me. What about you?

4. Freedom

I have to keep telling myself that the freedom I will have in the future is worth the restrictions I’m putting on myself now. I expect to always have to work, and work hard; even into the distant future. But I do visualize being able to just stop what I’m doing and going out to a ball game or dance recital. Being able to take my wife out on a date. What would you do if your hard work and passion afforded you the freedom to do what you wanted when you wanted to?

5. Growth

I want to dive in and grow through trial. YOU NEED A BLAZING FURNACE TO FORGE STEEL! AND I’M READY TO BURN!
But seriously, I love a challenge that drive to overcome an obstacle has always been my driving force. It is what got me into competitive gaming. It is what made me want to be relevant with mid tier and bottom tier characters. That desire to solve problems and grow beyond my limitations. It is another important driving force for me.
And that's it! I hope you found a reason in there that can help keep you pushing through the hard times and make those sacrifices worth it for you. Keep pushing guys! Any comments or questions? Hit me up in the comments down below. As always guys God bless, be safe!

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