Saturday, January 28, 2017

3 things I wish I knew in High School?

High school is far too often taken for granted. Man if I could go back to those days I’d have done so much differently. I mean free food and free housing? Don’t get much better that. However, if I had to narrow it down to three things it’s be these.

1. Learn as much as I could.

For most people high school is a time period where you have minimal responsibility and maximum time. And of course as a young man my time was invested more than anything else in video games and anime. And while yes some of these game and show changed my life for the better if I invested a small fraction of that time into learning about more advanced art concepts I’d of been very far ahead once I was thrust out into the workforce. It sucks but as with everything if you want to improve you have to invest time the earlier you start the sooner you end.

2. Started mastering a skill!

Whether that skill be money management, or character design or mastery of Kidd from the untitled Wavedash project. You don’t necessarily have to worry about how useful your skill will be right now. Put your all into it regardless of what that skill is! Many of the most important parts of the mastery process and in the best cases the skill itself will translate into other areas of life. As an example my melee Samus changed the way I approached the world and the way I worked towards my goals.

3. I would have NETWORKED!

You have to make friends and then make your friends keep in touch with you by keeping in touch with them. You never know who  years down the line will need to hire an artist (or who years down  the line you could hire onto your team) Write now there are people literally paying money for the opportunity to network. Don’t sell anyone short because while you may have your guesses you never know you could be going to school right beside the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

And those are my top three things i wish I made a focus in high school. And don’t take this the wrong way you definitely want to enjoy yourself, make friends, and  have fun, but don’t forget today it the best day to start moving towards the future.

Okay Ladies and gents, for those of you already out of high school what is one thing you’ve of changed? For those of you still in school what are you going to change starting today? Hit me with comments and questions down below. And as always guys God bless, be safe!

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