Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Twitter Follower Sketches #1 - WE BROKE 100 FOLLOWERS

 We did it ladies and gents! We've passed that fresh hundred followers on Twitter and its all thanks to you spreading the word! But don't stop now! Lets keep the ball moving forward!

I'm hoping to produce articles like this weekly or Bi-Weekly just highlighting everyone who is on board with this LessThanPi movement! (can we call that?)

So guys continue reading to take a glimpse of the nearly 50 follower sketches. Click them to get a higher rez version. Check out the people who asked for them, They are guaranteed cool~

See you on the end.

Just wanted to thank you guys again. without you guys we wouldn't have been able to achieve over 100 twitter followers in less than 3 (OH SNAP!) Weeks. It is huge!

As always guys God bless, be safe.

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