Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MegaMashMix Monday #3 - THE GAME!

What is Mega Mash Mix: The Game? Continue reading to find out!

1 Platform Fighter

Mega Mash Mix is a platform fighter similar to super smash brothers. It is a 2D space where characters are pit against one another on platforms. I imagine we all understand the "platform fighter" concept here. But the concepts we will expand on here will be ones that differentiate this game from what smash has taught us to expect.

2 How You Die

What separates this game from other a game like smash is the main game mode has both Percentages which effect how far attacks hit you. 
And... Hit points! Yep hit Points are a part of the main game mode! You get to zero and you die! And these two things, the percentage and hit points, work in tandem.

So as you get hit you lose hit points. Each character has a different max hit points but every character percentage is handled in a ratio between the current hit points and the max. In our game the character have the same weight, but this difference in ratio is how heavier characters live longer.

3 Mashing

So instead of smash attacks like in SSB we have "mash" attacks this is inspired by the name of the game. By rapidly tapping a button you can turn a weak fast attack into a strong but slower one. Generally there are 3 stages of the mash attacks: 

"Tap!" which is comparable to a jab
"Mash!!" a series of taps, usually 2-3, in a row will change the attack's animation into a stronger move
"Mega Mash!!!" 4 or more taps in a row will activated a whole new animation, one of the characters strongest moves.

Another big difference is that while in our game you only have neutral, up, and down angled attacks, both in the air and on the ground every character has access to mash and mega mash versions of all of these attacks, that’s at least 18 different basic attacks for each character!

4 Focus

Another defining point of the game is the focus system. In our game each character has a special focus meter that expands on some aspect of the character unique to them. Some grow over time, some change periodically, and other change once certain criteria are met.

5 Specials

So this is where things get similar again! Our game has character defining special attacks too! Our moves specials can be mashed as well! And though while typically you won't see big changes in the animations there are still changes on the effectiveness or utilities the specials provide. Also note most of the specials are affected by the character's focus gauge as well in some way.

6 Characters

IN Mega Mash Mix the characters are actually various characters from fictional comics I’ve thought up over the years, and eventually hope to produce in the future. It’s a fun way to give fans a taste of what’s to come from future LessThanPi Art products. And to be honest it is a fun and safe way I can explore my OWN characters in a safe way too.

Whelp, guys it’s about that time. Thanks for hanging around and reading this far down. Did I miss anything important? Have any questions for me? Definitely hit me up down below in the comment and let me know. As always guys, God bless be safe.

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