Saturday, August 23, 2014

Toadstool Tech Peach Concepts & Depth vs Complexity in Smash 4 - LessThanPi Art Show # 5

Continue reading to find out more about this piece, and more about depth and complexity in Smash 4.

So again here I'm working on Toadstool Tech Peach. If you aren't caught up on this little steam punk inspired world click here to see where it all started.

Basically this time around I'm trying to flesh out Peach's inventions and her style.
Queen Peach Toadstool is a brilliant inventor first but a being poised and always beautiful Ruler runs a very close second. Getting to work on her anti-gravitational "Peach Bomber" device was fun. A bunch of motors that fit un-noticeably beneath her dress, allowing her to float effortlessly through the air, but so dense that it will leave a mark if she gets to you with it!

It was fun but I need to keep on working and pushing so I can progress as a concept artist. (gotta look at more dresses I guess...)

Again I have a thread going on head on over there and check it out if you get the time. Link is.........
Though feel free to leave your feed back or questions for me here if you'd like.

As always guys God bless, be safe. See you next time!

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