Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Toadstool Tech Mario Peach and Luigi! & Stage Lists in Smash 4! LessThanPi Art Show #3

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Wow so quite a mouthful this time. but not too much in the art department. I really want to be a character concept artist so I have to practice doing character concepts huh? When I asked a friend of mine, RockenRoll4Life, what I should draw he suggested a "steam punk version of peach." At first I wasn't too keen on the idea but after a little bit of experimentation I warmed up to the idea and a whole world  of possibilities opened up to me.
Meet Princess Peach Toadstool. She is the self manifested queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, a land full of her inventions and tinkerings. Toads and Bob-ombs among other things are her "Toadstool Tech" inventions. The evil inventor, Bowser, wants to make her his queen and use her influence and genius to rule the whole world.
Mario and his brother Luigi, use peaches Toadstool Tech to over come Bowser and his diabolical inventions. In the future I'd like to keep iterating on these guys and come up with some cool concepts to kind of simulate what an experience working for a studio might be like.

I feel like the art stuff is pretty straight forward. I tried to grab up a lot of reference while putting these character together... as I'm sure you clearly noticed. (one day I'll have two monitors...)

This is really my first attempt at talking about something I'm passionate about for a long time with no script or notes... I'm never going to do this again. after recording this video I did make a thread on smashboards that has a lot more meat and thought behind it. Check it out if you are interested and share it with your friends. Its turning a lot of heads and getting people talking, so don't miss out on the conversation.

well guys as always. Any questions comments or suggestions hit me below with them. Be safe, God Bless. See you next time.

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