Monday, August 4, 2014

Robin! & Random in Smash - LessThanPi Art Show! #2

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It was a crazy week for me... and a crazier weekend. My youngest daughter had some extremely negetive results from blood tests and we had to see a specialist. Thankfully everything was good and well with her. (she has a strange hemoglobin type that doesn't show up in tests since they only test for the most common type) My big babies (my step children) came back from their bio-dad last weekend as well so my wife and I were scrambling to get my youngest daughter into a room with her older sister and that meant switching around the furniture in both rooms. I basically had to build a bed from scratch!

SO... this week I will use that as an excuse for why this image was finished in such a lack luster way. I don't really plan on pushing it much further it was a fun was to experiment with lots of different poses. I did 20 total 10 for male and 10 for female. I learned how to pace myself for this kind of thing. Since this one ended up being such low quality I'm not going to include the final this time unless there is some kind of huge out cry for it.

I think this week I'm going to take a break from smash and do some league related stuff. Maybe show Gnar some love... or C9! who knows... Gotta get moving either way. Let me know what you'd like to see more of below.

I think small windows of player initiated random (and slow moving/clearly telegraphed random non-player controlled random) is awesome and makes for very engaging gameplay. But I'm curious what are your thoughts on random aspects in competitive games? Hit me up below and let me know!

As always guy thanks for reading. God bless, be safe. See you next time!

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