Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Figured out what I doing with the LessThanPi Show! Oh, and today's studies.

Assuming you can read titles I'm going to assume you got what the main idea of this post is going to be! I'm going to try and update the blog daily with my sketches and studies as I do them (generally 1 a day or one every other day) once a week I'm going to get a video together and highlight a few different things.

1. I'll breifely talk about those sketches and studies.
2. I'll talk about Apple Pi E Love progress. (for those unaware Apple Pi E Love is my little web comic)
3. And third just some personal life stuff, work, progression as an artist, events I'm hosting or attending etc.

Alright so with the important stuff out of the way lets get into some art.
 Continue reading for more art and some background on the images.

I started the day with this one. It's just another photo study. I use pixelovely.com for a majority of my photo references. definitely check them out. My oldest daughter asked me to draw a balerina for her so I went ahead and found this reference. I feel like I learned quite a bit on this one about lighting and back lighting. the likeness isn't all the way there but hey... not bad for a couple of hours.

So for those of you who don't know this is Jinx the newest champion from the game League of Legends. She is a maniacal gun-toting young lady full of personality and cool. I put 3 or 4 hours into the study so far and am still considering putting a little more in.

After the jinx study I wanted to play around with the character so I did some quick sketches. I don't think I really captured the personality at all... So I feel like I need to start getting in those gesture studies and get back into faces again as well. NEVER STOP PROGRESSING!

So... that's it for the weekend and for today. Check back tomorrow to see whats going down then. Alright guys thanks for checking out all the art. As always God bless, be safe, see you next time.


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