Thursday, September 26, 2013

Studys, Sketchs and Pi #1

High Low folks! Thanks for taking the time to check out my work! Continue reading to see my thought on these two art pieces.

So first I got into some photo studies. I really just went with the flow on these. The first image I was focused on getting value form and anatomy correct. likeness wasn't a huge factor for me. The second I was focused on value and anatomy as well but more readability from a distance. The third I admit was more of a cop-out. I tried to very quickly get down value and form.

What I had a lot of fun doing was the second piece; the second half of the video. The new League of Legends champion Jynx, has got me in a very Piltover-y mood. So I had lots of fun doing all of the Piltover champs from memory. I'd like to go back and do them from memory again after doing some studies based on the Piltover aligned champions kind of to prove a point, but we will get more into that in the coming days.

I asked a few questions at the end of the video. I figure I'll ask them here to for those of you who didn't want to sit though the whole thing but love to read.

1. What do you think about Jinx and her Lore?
2. What is your favorite League of Legends region or City-State?

Hit me below with your answers!

Well guys thanks again for watching... or reading, or whatever. As always God bless, be safe, see you next time.

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