Tuesday, October 15, 2013

APEL: Still keeping it simple.

Just in case you haven't been keeping up to date on Apple Pi E Love here is a link to the last post.

This past week I've really been focus on the game. I've decided to name the game our main characters play; "World Tree". The concept I have for the game is pretty fun and interesting, but still wholly unimportant to the main plot line of the story. (advancing to become the top ranked team in the nation) Its so simple I can some it up in a sentence... that's something I'm really proud of. If you'd of been me as long as I have you'd probably give yourself a hand as well.

World Tree is a third person fantasy shooter with RPG elements.

Quick concepts for the 6 factions in World Tree.
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In World Tree the avatars are actually living thinking plants. From the world tree six "mother trees" were born, one for each of the six regions in the game; desert, jungle, woodland, island/beach, swamp, and mountain.  As a player you chose one of these trees to be your mother. This defines your appearance, your stats and your unique regional abilities. All of the regions are battling one another for control of the world tree. The battles in the game loosely represent these skirmishes.

Originally when I concepted out this story the main focus was on drawing fun fight sceens. And I tried to create a game world that would allow me to do that. World Tree really gives the play a lot of freedom as far as character customization. There are scores of viable build paths skills and abilities a player can use and still be successful. I've envisioned the game as very fast passed but still very tactical.

There are multiple game modes but the most popular is very similar to a king of the hill game. Players fight for control of "Base Trees". These trees give them a point from which they can respawn if they die and a point where they can heal and restore stamina during game play. To win the game players must take control of their opponents "Home Tree".

Some simple HUD concepts for World Tree

I always wanted a very organic way to play this game. Long ago I considered the good old fashion plug your brain in idea which I quickly annexed for a number of reason. I also though of like a sphere that you;d touch in certain ways to cause effect that were very organic in your character... virtual reality rooms. But all of these seem so un-relateable and unapproachable and I really wanted people to see themselves playing this game in a world much like our own. Recently I had a eureka moment and thought about touch screens. Touch screen devices are so common right now. And I felt like via touch screens you can interact directly with the game and character in a very organic way in a medium that people can look at and say "oh... I understand that."

I feel like I have all that I really need for the game to be a part of my story now. I borrowed a lot of concepts from the old MMO version of the game but really cut out as much fat and filler as I could. I really want the focus of the story to be on my characters as the balance real life with professional gaming. I really look forward to accomplishing that with you guys.

Whelp you guys know the drill by now. Thanks for checking out everything I know this was a lot to read. As always God bless, be safe, see you next time!


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