Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple is better.

So if you've been following me for a while you've probably heard of my comic Apple Pi love. Originally I wanted to do a lot with it... but I think I need to really scale back the idea and simplify it in order to make it a more tangible and real thing.

Originally the story was going to take place in a real world much like our own, but also an MMORPG called "the world". This game was supposed to be the game everyone played it was so big and popular but very self contained. The World was literally its own universe filled with many many deep rich characters. The online portion of the story focused primarily on one theme; independence. Originally the game was run by two very powerful guilds and in order to be successful you had to bend to the will of one of them. Apple Pi E Love (our heroes) goal was to prove that you didn't need to be a guild member in order to be successful. Its a neat idea but how do we really define success? Become rich? Run a successful guild? Control territory? Monopolize a trade? My issue with this particular plot line is it was the basic idea was just too open. The world was much much to big for something I did when I was a full time father and full time employee.

So I decided to scale back the online portion of the story a huge amount and make the game a sort of fighting game. Again those of you who know me well and have been following the blog and my YouTube know I'm a huge fan of competitive games. I was a very competitive smash brothers player. and I try to get into League of Legends and do work when ever I get the opportunity as well. So I wanted to make a game for my comic that mimicked these.

Could a deep world exist in a game like this? Sure, but the game's story didn't have to be so rooted in the mechanics of the game to the point where it was the plot. I can get away with JUST explaining mechanics in the comic quickly, and not have people confused or lacking information to the overall plot or rules of the world. And ironically this also gives my story more focus. How do you become successful in a fighting/arena game? You win your matches. So the plot can be much more focused; win a championship, win a local tournament, win a match. These are all very obtainable and definite goals where as "being successful" In a virtual sandbox is much harder for a reader to quickly grasp and understand.

So now instead of a plot summary reading some thing like.
Pi and E set out to prove that as independent unguilded players you can a successful"The World" player. While outside of the game Pi balances his real world responsibilities with his duties in the game and to the mysterious E a female gamer he has never even met!

It can be more like:
Pi and E set out to become the worlds top ranked doubles team in the popular arena game "The World". While outside of the game Pi balances his real world responsibilities with his duties in the game and to the mysterious E a female gamer he has never even met!

Hmm... It may not seem like much of a change but its gonna save me days of back stories and world creation. I look forward to doing more posts like this one. Keeping you guys informed on changes within the story.

As always guys thanks for reading. I know it was a bunch this time. If you have any comments questions or suggestions on this piece or future ones please leave them below for me. As always God bless, be safe.

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