Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (7/8/12)

Today's study:

Reference by Marcus J. Ranum

Rough stuff~
I really want to get better... trying to focus on color on this one. I actually learned a lot, mistakes can teach you so so much if you don't let them discourage you. I've gotta keep focused!


A long day... I wanted to hit up the art store today but got up late and that ended up snow balling into just a day of drawing and lazing about... no good. The plan is to start creating physical pieces I can sell at local shows based on my fiance's photography of Woodstock, GA, the town we live in. I think it will be great for my portfolio and hopefully a bit of extra money to invest more into my art career.
Fortunately I did have a extra 3 or 4 hours to get this piece to where it is now. I'm calling it done and moving forward... I think I need to get back into faces again I may end up retouching some of those older studies to do it.
I want to get my DA account more active in the near future but I feel like I have to really show my best work and it can't just be studies so I have to get cracking on those original pieces as well and really push!

Whelp, if you have any comments questions or my personal favorite suggestions please fell free to leave them below for me. As always God bless, and once again thank you very much for spending your time here visiting my blog.


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