Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (7/7/12)

Today's study:
reference by Transfuse

A very very loosely referenced peice I really wanted to play around and make it my own but, despite learning a bunch here I had a lot of short comings with this piece.
Line work on computers just isn't clicking for me at all (yet?). and I didn't know how to make the gun work as the light source. the anatomy is off too. Now I just want to do some studies and kind of redo this concept from scratch, the pose included, once i get a better understanding of metallic materials, form, and lighting

I have a bit of the work in progress here.
Gotta work harder!

In completely unrelated news I'm considering starting a group on PMC (, the community where I debuted my texture pack πCraft) specifically dedicated to meaningful critique of texture packs and Skins. I haven't been a member of the community very long but I've noticed there is a big lack of meaningful feedback making it very difficult for members to really grow as artists. It's very easy for experienced members to get complacent and stagnant and for beginners to get discouraged. I want to change that.
I'm currently working on a presentation for the concept and trying to figure out the best way to present it. As of now I don't have much weight in the community so I'm really picking my brain about how to get this out there, noticed, and moving.

Whelp if you have any questions or comments and especially suggestions please hit me up below. God bless, thank for your time.


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