Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (7/16/12)

Today's Study:


By Left

Burned through this one... today was another day, but I'm doing my best to not let anything stop me! Another suggestion from a subscriber! This looks terrible. I worked in very very low, resolution about 1/5th of what I normally do. Kind of the opposite of what I did yesterday to focus more on getting the macro right before the micro. It also let me get this "done" faster. I did learn a good bit here but I could have done a lot better. The image doesn't resemble the model much if at all. And the values are very different than what you see in the actual image. This reference is very very bright so it was hard for my brain to go back to doing things "too light" I over compensated quite a bit.

Time Lapse Process Video Coming Soon!

I DID record this one and while it won't be up for Monday (obviously) I want to get this one out for Monday and then hopefully a second one today for Tuesday. And from there just kind of flow into a normal schedule.

Alright you know whats next! Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Hit me up below. God bless. Thanks for your time!


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