Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Study of the Day (7/15/12)

Today's Garbage:


By Marcus J. Ranum

Man today was just rough for me. Couldn't really focus on art and my heart wasn't in getting this complete so I want to apologize for a lack of real work. My daughter spend most of today in the ER (nothing major a shard of glass was lodged in her foot) but I guess my mind was there with her. I went to to this with good intentions I increased my cavas size by about to in hopes that I'd help me get a better looking resolution. A lot of my cirtiques have been about an overall lack of "smoothness" in skin and other things that should have those smother transitions. I think that, in combination with everything else going on today, overwhelmed me a bit.

I did record this one, but I since it is so far from completion I don't think I'll be posting it at all. Fortunately I've been getting a few people who seem generally interested in the photo studies and I have a few things on the plate to work with. So look forward to perhaps seeing your suggestions here on the blog or on YouTube!

If there are any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns please make me aware below. As always God Bless, thank you very much for your time.


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