Monday, June 25, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (6-25-12)

 Today's Studies:


Been a very frustrating art weekend. Ended up not entering the ChOW contest at all, just didn't like the choncepts I was putting out and with only a day to really bring it to fruition it just didn't end well for me. You'll also notice I skipped PSotD two days in a row. Didn't draw a line either of those days... Not good.

More about today's studies. Kristina, my fiance, picked out this piece for me. Really had to push to get through it. I'm hardly motivated to draw right now and I think it shows with how far I pushed these studies. But if this is my dream I've got to start working harder!

Whelp. As always if you have any question comments or suggestions for future PSotD's please make me aware in the comments. God bless. Thanks for your time.


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