Sunday, January 15, 2017

How do you deal with negativity?

In life we are all going to meet detractors. People who, whether well or ill-intentioned, will try to steer you off of the path to your dream. But it is important to understand that in spite of these pushes and pulls you need to hold steadfast and continue ahead. You shouldn’t let your detractors slow you down or take you off course. Continue reading below and I’ll detail some ideas you can use to deal with your detractors, and if you are lucky get a couple of them on your side.

1. Be confident in yourself and your dream!

Confidence is hard to ignore in a person, and just this can often time turn a nay-sayer into your own personal yes-man. But confidence, true confidence isn’t just won over night it is something you have to intentionally build with facts and experience.If your vision isn’t built on a solid foundation it will crumble, feigned confidence not based on researched fact and personal experience may trick people looking at you from the outside but close friends and more importantly you yourself will lose faith in what you say you can do. It should go without saying; if you start lying to yourself you won’t go far.
Instead take the time to sit down and find case studies and understand how your heroes got to where they are. Do research into the steps that lead you to your dream and turn them into actionable goals, and put in the hard work to forge that path you’ve created. And use your foundation in your research and the goals you’ve already accomplished as proofs not only for others who push back at your dream but for yourself when a detractors words start to creep into your psyche

2. Identify the sources of negativity

Often times the most dangerous sources of negativity come from the people we hold most dear. Our friends, our family, the significant other, or maybe even our spouse! Don’t be so quick to assume the worlds from people you love are words that will build you up. In fact it is often times that the people who are closest to you will be the ones who scoff at your success becoming jealous of or unable to understand your personal growth when they haven’t seen the same changes in their own lives.
So understand this. Any worlds that make you feel weak, that make you question your abilities, doubt your plan, or make you want to quit. are worlds you need to second look at. This is when you need to...

3. Know the difference between a critiquer and a detractor

We now more than ever live in a society where whenever someone makes you feel bad you shut them out. Well I’m telling you that the fastest way to become stagnant and no longer grow. Friends, if you aren’t growing you're dying. Just because someone makes you feel bad doesn’t mean their points aren’t valid.
You’ll want to listen to negative comments on your work or your plan objectively so that you can see if the problems brought up are real and then if so solve them. Typically personal pain points offered up as negative comment are things you actually do need to explore. When a person offer advice or a change these are ideas you’ll need to consider on some level even if the person offering them isn’t an expert because that issue may be a occurring problem for future fans or clients down the line.
You see the real issue with your plans or your work can be hard to see from within. That why big companies spend millions to test products. To turn away free advice because it stings a little is foolish. Don’t be the one to make that mistake.

4 .Communicate with them and get them on your side!

As mentioned many of your detractors will be close friends and family, but even complete strangers could down the line become future partners if you open the lines of communication. This goes back to what I what I mentioned earlier in researching to build a foundation but I suggest you have answers for commonly asked questions ready before the question is asked. This goes a long way for proving your competence and confidence to your detractor right off the bat.
Helping them understand that the pain points they experience or the issue they worry about already has a solution. Explaining how it works is a great start, and explaining to them why and how this path you are on will enrich and improve your life should get loved ones who care about your well being to back your ideas.
But if they are still on the other side of the fence what you can do is invite them to join you on your journey and help you solve the problems they see. This invite is like a line in the sand if after this if they refuse, don’t see the point and would rather you invest your time differently it may be time to. Agree to disagree on the subject and agree to not bring it up again until they’ve had a change of heart.

5. Ignore the trolls! (there will always be trolls)

So while most of the people who are important in your life become detractors because the genuinely are concerned about your success or because you are a mirror showing them that part that is lacking within themselves. Understand this your success will put both of these fears out of complete strangers to. It's the kind that are jealous and spiteful that your are going to want to spend very little time on. Comments that offer no substance just ignore this person has no desire to help you. It is never worth getting into debates with people who want to cause you harm, just being in their presence gives them more opportunities to do just that.
And again negativity doesn’t always mean ignore scan for real pain points is this person cussing you out because he feels cheated, and mislead? Or maybe because he feels the time he invested in you wasn’t returned? Or maybe he is insecure about his own art. These are things that you are going to should always consider before you brush someone off.

Well folks that's it here! Hope this didn’t hurt you too bad to the point where I’m getting ignored. In fact, guys if you have any questions or comments.; any suggestion for other topics hit be down below in the comments, get all the negativity out! As always though guys thank you! God bless, be safe!

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