Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Study of the Day is back?!

I might start doing this whole get up early and drawing thing every day!

Hey guys so a lot has happened, well for me at least in the last 24 hours. I've deleted every game on my phone (yes, including Pokemon Go). I drew for at least 2 hours. I've written content and posted content for the blog. I recorded and edited a complete video (but I'm not going to release it because the quality is poor but...) I'm getting back in the grove and figuring out what I need to do to grow and improve, what fat I can cut, and what direction I want to move in with this buisness!

Keep reading to check out my studies, more Wavedash Games fan art and other words and junk.

Ashani Concepts

So once again I took a crack at Ms. Ashani the most recently acounced charcater from Wavedash Games' untilted platform fighter project. You can check out what I did with her yesterday here.

Following her release video Wavedash Games got a lot of flack in the comments section about her design. It was call generic and forgetable by many. And I actually like the original design a lot, here I compare her original design to some changes I'd of make if I were designing a charcater that fit her archetypes.

I feel like the main things she is lacking is a very strong silhouette, multiple materials, and areas of rest/low detail. Even in my designs I think she really lacks that element that makes her Iconic. If I was going to invest more time into her I'd fit in some kind of jet pack or thrusters with a very unique silhouette and use that to help define her character and make her shape really pop and ephesize her speed that much more. add a cool particle effect like flower petal thrusters and we're in there! but I do think these concepts are moving in a direction that would make people re think her.
I'd still like to do a splash art style drawing of the character so I may revist this. Keep your eyes peeled!

60 second Gesture Drawings

Going to be doing a LOT of these, God willing. Gotta get my anatomy and gestures right! I found a website I'm crazy about! All you artist out there looking to strengthen your gestural skills check out www.Quickposes.com its a great tool!

Kidoke guys. I'm out! As always God bless, be safe.


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