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Main Characters in Mega Mash Mix Season 1

Hello gents! Ladies. Its been far too long since I've been able to share any Mega Mash Mix news with you guys... well the wait is over my friends! Keep reading for Bios and back stories on some of your soon to be favorite characters! (a little presumptious huh?) Main – Bartholomew Matthews

Age: 15 Height: 5'4" Year: Freshman Main Character: Kurame

Main is your average white teenage boy. As the story starts he is a high school freshman just moving into a new school. Main is the 6th and youngest son of a widowed pastor name Peter; Main’s mother had passed only a year prior to the start of our story. All of Main’s older brothers have all left the home the older twins founding churches of their own, the other three off in college or joining the workforce. Now it’s just Main and his Dad.
Most suspect that is why Peter decided to move, sure the house was too big, but really the move was just to get away from all of those memories. And if he was being honest Bart was happy for it.
Even before his mother’s passing Bart always spent most of his free time; between church, bible study, and school work; playing video games, it was always an escape for him. Main is a likeable well received hard working guy. He does very well in school and has never had any problems making friends. He loves solving puzzles and problems and is always looking to grow and become a better at everything he does.

Bart is brand new to the competitive Mega Mash Mix scene. He uses Kurame, considered a low tier character and Shirame a character argued to be high mid tier or low high. Bart has very good fundamentals, but throughout the first chapter it is the lack of game knowledge that holds him back. He is a very fast learner though and rarely doubts himself.

RubyRuby – Rumi Sako

Age: 18 Height: 5'10" Year: Senior Main Character: Ruby

Rumi Sako is know by her tag RubyRuby or sometime RumiRuby. She senior expected to be graduating with the highest honors this year. Born to a wealthy Japanese 1st generation immigrant and self made millionaire; Daichi Sato, and a successful African American book publisher; Ruth. At the young age of 2 she lost her mother in an accident. So she was raised by a distant always busy father, and the white woman he remarried, Trinity.
For the Daichi’s Parents marrying someone not Japanese; especially a black woman; was something his traditional Japanese parents didn’t accept and shunned him away for. Being half black Rumi was never accepted by them either.
Eventually Rumi became an older sister and she began to get even less attention than before. A lot of her character became proving she was worthy of being Dachi’s daughter. She did amazingly well in school and extracurricular activities like violin and fencing. But it was her little sister that introduced her to MMM and all it took was that first try to get her hooked. Like everything she put her all into being the best she could be. She discovered the competitive community and became very invested in it, all the while never ignoring her studies.

Rumi has become a leader in the MMM community. She is known as the undisputed 2nd best Ruby main in the west. She is ranked the 1st overall in her region and of course in her school. (Though she doesn’t think she is the best, hint hint, season 2 foreshadowing) She run’s a Mega Mash Mix club after school and on weekends that streams events every Monday and Friday.

Death X – Joshua Cleaver

Age: 17 Height: 7'2" Year: Junior Main Character: Pinikuu

Josh Cleaver is known by his tag Death X or sometime DX. He comes from a disfuctional “White trash” family where both of his parents work low paying jobs and manage money in such a way that they can barely keep the roof above themselves. Arguments over money aren’t uncommon in his home. Growing up in such a volatile home while getting bullied during his early years in school grew a thick skin until eventually he started to push back. By the time Josh was in high school everyone knew not to mess with him.  Josh was taller and wider than the linebackers on the football team. Josh never did well in school just enough to get by even though his teachers thought he was brilliant. Games have always been his escape, from his bullies, his family, his teachers, his grades, his reality. Eventually his hope was that someday he would be able to use his passion for games to provide for his parents as a pro gamer.

Josh has always been a no nonsense guy. As soon as he was into competitive MMM he invested all of his time into the top tiers. Pi, Pinikuu, and Pailette; the “Big slices”. And to good return he consistently places behind Rumi’s Ruby, and places well at other regional events.

Tan’los Style – Tora Sako

Age: 14 Height: 4'6" Year: Freshman
Main Character: Thri

Tora is Rumi’s younger sister, her tag is Tan’los Style, named after her favorite character in Mega Mash Mix Thri Gra’tosen’s sword style. As the daughter of a self made millionaire she has lived an easy life, without many obstacles. In fact at times she can be a bit of a spoiled brat. Seems like rich kid + super short + video game and comics = a violent little ball of energy? Tora is very easily angered when she meets an objection or difficulty.
One of the few obstacles she’s always faced is Rumi. Tora has always been in the shadow of her older half sister. Try as she might she has never been able to reach the same levels of success as her sister. So eventually she just stopped trying. Games and online comics became an escape for her instead of investing time in studying she would lose herself in James Wings works and then Mega Mash Mix came on the scene. But as with everything her sister, Rumi, bested her there as well and that was the last straw. Now that she is finally able to enter the MMM club’s events she will do everything in her power to best her older sister.

Tora of course main’s Thri, since she gets to play friendlies frequently with her sister she is actually very very good. And will definitely be a force to be reckoned with this year at school.

Liracle Myrical – Michael Lawson

Age: 16 Height: 6'0" Year: Sophomore Main Character: Lumiere Michael Lawson since early childhood has always been a showman. Singing from an early age has been something he has always enjoyed and been praised for. He, like Bart is also a son of pastor and that becomes a place of common ground for the pair. But unlike Bart he is the oldest of many siblings.
His mother leads the church choir, But Michael is the lead singer on most sundays. On the surface he has a great home life, he has to, but the perfect picture the Lawson family paints for the church is hard to maintain at home…
Despite, or maybe because of this he is a very giving person outside of the home. He really struggles with the idea that he has become a mask of who his father wants him to be.

Still though Michael is a performer. He naturally talented at the game but he doesn’t really care about growth as a player. The community and his place within is what keeps him coming back. He loves to help people join the community and watching it grow. Explaining the ins and outs of the game is very meaningful for him.

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