Saturday, December 12, 2015

The LessThanPi Art Journal, A new way to get connected to LessThanPiArt

This one is just for you sneaky lurkers out there; for the hard core fans!.

I'm putting together a mailing list for a little something I'm calling the LessThanPi Art Journals; that's a working title. Those who decided to opt into the Journal will recive weekly updates giving you all of the details about whats going on in the wondrous world of LessThanPi Art; including updates on speed painting videos, power of art tutorials, our blog posts, as well as the soon to be announced M^3 project, and you also get to directly influence the direction of LessThanPi Art by giving your feedback! Countless (unless you can count to 4) ways to get that imagination moving!

Sound awesome right?

But wait! There's more! You will also have access to contests and prizes exclusive to the journal! In fact once I hit 100 subscribers in the list we will be doing our first contest! Continue reading to find out how to get plugged in.

Our true goals here is to add more value to the community while at the same time adding accountability on our end. It is to gain more reach for ideas, and to get more feed back on what you guys would like to see more of! Ultimately its a better way for us to serve our community. Interested in being one of the first people to sign up?

Still reading? Great. To be honest... it's easy really to get plugged in. Just fill out your info down below. And follow the prompts it shouldn't take more than a few second of your time and then you get all of the imaginations!

The LessThanPi Art Journal

* indicates required

Hey guys thanks for reading this and even considering signing up, it means a lot. As time goes on we will  be doing all we can to add value not just for those who opt in to our Journal but for even the passers by. That's our commitment!

But as always guys, God bless, be safe. And  remember to follow your dreams! You are never too old, and you are never too young.

-James B. McCauley

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