Monday, November 9, 2015

I have art jobs! I am SOOO busy~

I've been a little light on my posts here I've just been bust behind the scenes doing some commissioned work and getting my YouTube and social media platforms a little more... relevant(?) to my target audience.
Or to put it more simply... I'm not making the best use of my time. If I want to be able to do this stuff full time I have to put every bit of spare time into it and treat it like an actual business! Hmm... well this is not a big content post here but expect a lot more to come. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel I will be updating it at least once a week.

Well guys as always I love you! God bless, be safe!

And between you and me blog viewers I'd like to go back to uploading my studies and sketches like I used to back in the good old days. I'm not committing to that yet, but I'm really considering it. Those were some of my top viewed videos.

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