Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Updates Every day? Oh, and Kindred too.

I really want to start taking my art career seriously. I need to be painting and designing EVERYDAY!

I need to start treating this like I've treated melee or brawl in the past. Like I WILL be the best, and I need to work to get there. So I'm going to commit to posting 5 days a week with updates on pieces and concepts I'm creating. or at the very very least why I'm not updating.

And with that said check out what I was working on yesterday. It's a little WIP of Kindred, the new character from League of Legends.


I've been recording most of the process so God willing I'll be able to get the process up on YouTube. Been pulling a lot of inspiration from the newly release Kindred theme song. I've been playing around a lot with heavy lines just trying to find a fun interesting styles. In the end I want to have a deep swampy look that if very de-saturated and depressing looking. I want Sheep (the white one) to look like a caring motherly figure. And I need to figure out how to make Wolf (the dark one) look like an ethereal flowing beast with thick outlines... We'll see how it goes.

Well guys as always! God Bless, Be safe. See you tomorrow!

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