Sunday, September 27, 2015

Almost there.... so close~ More and more Kindred!

Not much to say... I'm not too sure about the direction I took anymore... gonna have to keep pushing till I'm done. need more portfolio pieces!

I think I need more contrast in sheep... she isn't popping like she should be... I was trying to go more... sheep-y with the woolly hair style but I don't know how I feel about it now. Like I said though gotta take risks in order to improve learning a lot about... a lot. Tomorrow is probably a background day and then follow that up with a final pass of sheep and wolf and then a final over paint? I can't wait till I'm good at this stuff it feels great to be creating art again. and creating content (even if it is only for myself right now.
I do know that I need art friends I can have knock me a good one and give me constructive advice... I know that person is out there somewhere. Someones that can help hold me accountable and to progress with. I mean its fun creating but right now this is a very lonely journey. :(

Ah well. As always guys and gals, I love you. God bless, be safe.

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