Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm an Undr-Inkling?

Got reconnected with an old old buddy of mine from SmashBoards on the brand new Splatoon themed forum SquidBoards. He is (and has been) producing awesome content for years and has; by some kind of reverse miracle; been sneaking Undr everyone's radar including mine!

I had to pay some kind of respect, and what better way than to draw him as an Inkling! (and some links!)

If you haven't yet click the jump to figure out how to get more of this wonderful man,


Yeah guys do yourself a favor especially if you are looking for some stellar Splatoon game play and figure out how to get more of Undr.
As for me? Well you should be expecting a lot more soon. I've been getting my paint on and I'll have some more "ink" I'll be sharing on my YouTube channel.

As always guys.
God bless, be safe, see you next time!

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