Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is Brawl Competitive? & Ice Climbers vs Fox : LessThanPi Art Show #9

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This one took a while. I'd say upwards of 4 hours to complete which is funny because of how little detail there is in the characters. I took a lot of pressure off of myself as far as anatomy and rendering is concerned and just when with a fun cartoon-y style. It let me make Nana, or as I like to call this version of her MANana, that much more out there and it also let me  just have fun with it and do my own thing.

I did put some effort into a background this time around. I think I need to start doing this more often. While... at least in my mind I could have put more effort in back there it helps to ground the characters and makes the piece feel more finished. In other personal pieces I've been pushing to get some kind of background involved to help set a tone or tone a setting... heh.

Like I said in the video though guys Happy New Year(s I added an 's' in there) and thanks again for the support. I think for my next video I'm going to do something related to the release of the APEX ruleset; spoiler: I'm not happy with it.

If somehow you've read this far drop a one down there in the comments for me or something.

As always: God bless, be safe.

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