Thursday, June 12, 2014

Palatuna Fanart and Smash 4 at E3


So I'm working on some Palutena fan art. I was expecting the character but I guess I wasn't expecting so much effort being put into her. she has 12 unique specials which is really cool in my opinion... Oh this is about the art! You can scroll down and read about my impressions on the game post E3.
I wanted to try and draw the character in a fun pose, pay a little tribute to the smash series by drawing one of the more... challenging characters announced at E3. The pose is pretty static but I haven't been keeping up with my anatomy studies as well as I should be. I think the structure is pretty solid though. I started with a sketch and tried experimenting with drawing over that sketch. after quite a while I decided to just GO IN. get in there with a thick chalk brush and commit to the lines. make them HUGE and work backward from there refining details after the bigger picture was easy to read. I really like the way its turning out. unfortunately I have a life style where I can just sit down for hours and draw so I'd like to come back to this and finish it up with some  color another day (hopefully tomorrow). I think from today forward I'll be uploading my paper sketches and studies here on my blog along with YouTube videos.


Well... I haven't had a chance to really look deep into the game... I got to watch the tournament read a few player speculations... and most people (well the people who's opinions I value" really seem to be enjoying the game. That said I've always been one to exploit whatever options I have to win or get a great score, but I've never seen techniques like wave dashing and L-canceling as a bar that separates good games from great ones. I LOVE limitations. I've always felt limitations; or more accurately surmounting limitations; creates stronger work. We can't really tell now but I look forward to seeing what comes of this game, how it plays, what players find out. And of course becoming a part of that community in some way shape or forum.


Man... what a week! I've been glued to E3 (and letting other parts of my life suffer for it unfortunately.) My screen capture software bugged out on me so I had to fall back to the software I used when I first started... man this file raw was 10 gigs! So I have to come up with a solution to that problem. I really want to reformat my computer but I have to find the installation disks and back up all of the work I need to save. I'm keeping track on my goal though recording an hour a day is fun, and I hope at some point in a not so distant future I can do more than that.

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