Friday, August 2, 2013

Life of Pi Study

Just saw life of Pi and quite frankly I was blown away. They made a movie about me! My struggles and hardships all capture brilliantly on the big screen. Yeah... they took a lot of liberties, but all of my important life events definitely shine through in this movie.

I was so inspired by the movies art direction I wanted to do a quick study of one of the screen caps. If you couldn't guess, the screen cap is on the right, my "speed study" is on the left. I learned a lot doing this and hope I get to do more in the near future. It took about two hours on and off. (I had to spend a little time with my daughter here and there.) There should be a LessThanPi Show coming up featuring this piece as well with a little bit of commentary. So check back soon for that.

Well ladies and gents as always thanks for your time. God bless, be safe.

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