Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going! - LessThanPi Show! # 10.5

High Low ladies and Gents! Its been a while and I'm happy to be back. Hopefully we'll be seeing these again once a week. Read more and you can grab the images I was working on down below and get a littl ebit of background on what I was doing with them. I basically talk about where I've been these past few months and what my intentions are for the future. I'm a daddy now and with that comes loads more responsibility. So lets keep beastin!

MegaMan! The Blue Bomber!
I actually came up with the idea of doing "daily backgrounds", but since I really wasn't happy with the quality of these I scrapped the idea all together. I did still want to share these with you guys however so I figured I use the LessThanPi Show as a medium to do that. I actually started working on these while my wife was in the hospital during complications with her pregnancy. It was also right around the time Smash Bros was revealed and I felt like as a competitive smasher I had no choice but to do some "smash" fan art. I spent maybe a hour on each of the following pieces not including running around the hospital getting water pulling up and down blankets and little naps here and there.
MegaMan with MetalMan's ability equipped! 
Honestly the pose and anatomy are a little wonky and hard to read well. I really feel like I did the him a disservice and that was part of the reason I decided to scrap the whole daily Background idea. It was a fun learning process.
 Crash Bomber?
I think that's the name of the ability. I really wonder if this is going to be a kill move at high percents. I kind of fell short on the hands some of the edges are hard to read. and its just all together rushed.

WoodMan's Power!
I had fun thinking up this pose, but again its a little wonky and I think now I'd of attacked it a little differently. and done something more classic if that makes sense? The feet (in all ofo these IMO) really kill what could have been nice stuff.

Well guys  thanks for the support, the love and reading this far. As always God Bless, be safe.

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