Monday, August 26, 2013

Cloud 9 Speed Paints - Sneaky

Sneaky; Cloud 9's ADC Marksman

I'll keep it short and sweet this time, I've got a lot of drawing to do (and I wanna get some Lucian games in before I turn in too!) Check out Balls, Meteos, and Hai by clicking their names.

I think these are getting better with each one... I may go back and touch up the older ones before I do the YouTube Videos. And Speaking of which subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet so you are made aware right when the process vids of the C9 boys hit the Tube.

Well guys thanks for checking out my art. I'm SO thankful for it. Any comments questions, or suggestions on this piece or others you'd like to see please leave em below for me. As always God bless, be safe.

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