Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cloud 9 Speed Paints - Balls

I got in the mood to draw the Cloud 9 crew after watching some of their LCS games... man they are working hard and are really fun to watch. Originally I was big into what was happening with the LCS but with work and the baby who was then on the way my focus was often shifted. I'd like to get back into it though and this is not only good practice doing portraits and faces but something that is kind of rekindling the LCS love in me.

I ended up drawing Balls; the Top Laner for the team.  I'll probably end up going back in a doing some more touch ups but this is how far I got after working on and off for a few hours.
I wanted to put the process up on the Tube, but unfortunately the file was corrupted. So I'll have to offer up this work in progress piece instead. But keep your eyes peeled for a lot of my previous work popping up on my channel, and the other Cloud 9 boys progress videos.

Well guys, thanks again for taking the time to check out my work. As always God bless, be safe.

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