Friday, July 5, 2013

What a week!

So a lot has changed over this past week...

Weddings and Babies! (not necessarily in that order)

I'm a father (well... more of one than I used to be) and a husband now. June 27 my beautiful wife gave birth to our little 5 pound 11 ounce girl three weeks early. The hospital let us go 24 hours after the birth to be married. Kristina, my wife, and I had set our wedding date a year and a half prior and the doctors felt her and the baby were healthy enough to go and meet the date. Funny how things like that work out some times.

The wedding was great. Needless to say we arrived at the venue late but our families went way above and beyond and set everything up for us. My father, at the last minute really, stepped up and was the efficient for the wedding. My little sister and aunt help Kristina with make-up and hair. And after maybe an hour of after leaving her side I watch the most beautiful woman in the world walk down the isle to meet me.

I didn't mention everyone but I really do want to thank everyone who attended and even more thank you to everyone who helped make our wedding what it was.

Well ladies and Gents thanks for your time. And as always God bless, be safe.

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