Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Study of the Day! (9/11/12) Landscapes!

Yesterday's Studys:

Playing around... did a few landscapes. Drew a lot of inspiration for these from a landscape book my fiance and I happened upon at a garage sale. Its a really cool book called Landscapes of America by Bill Harris. Definitely something I'll keep peaking at for years to come well over 200 images from all over the US inside and its just as varied as you'd expect American geography to be. Even a few cityscape in there is I'm remembering correctly.

Also... I just hit 100 subscribers on the YouTubes! That's very exciting for me. I've gotta keep putting out content worthy of more viewership. And I've gotta keep working on my art!

As always guys, thanks for your time. God bless. Keep beastin'.

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