Monday, August 27, 2012

Study of the Day! (8/26/12) - A Flower

Yesterday's Study:


I really like how this one turned out. Especially since the majority of the time spent doing it was next to my beautiful wife to be. (She likes it when I say things like that on here.) Learned huge amounts here for example "Its okay to go darker!", and "Make the focus of the piece have the detail." I learned abit about color and flowers here as well.
This photo actually came from a good friend of mine, a Mr. West. I'm honored that he takes the time to send me cool things to study from. (The "Korean Street" piece was also from him)

Process Video Coming Soon.

I think I'm going to start selling prints of some of my better works, so please let me know what you guys think about that. I'll be looking into a few sites that allow me to do that today and tomorrow. Make sure to leave those comments below for me. My personal contact info is to the left. God bless, and thanks for your time.

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