Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Study of the Day 8/7/12

Today's Study:


Not happy with this one at all... I got so frustrated with where I'm at... I just want to move on. Is that the right attitude? Probably not, but I'm not learning anything just staring at this... I've been playing around with the idea of dropping the "P" in "PSotD" lately... photo studies are great and all, and fun  but is this really the best way to learn and study? I need to do anatomy, color and so on. Unfortunately just don't have the time (or at the very least can't manage it well enough) to commit to a 1-3 hour long photo study every day as well as. I'm also considering just not doing studies at all on the weekends but really focus the time that would of been spent then on pushing my own personal pieces. I started recording this one... but since it is so far from completion I think I'm just going to skip the editing and uploading process as well...

I've really gotta step my game up and commit to doing more work if I want to get better whatever I end up deciding. Please, if you have any input let me know below. God bless thanks for you time.

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