Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (8/4/2012) Korean Street

Today's er... yesterday's study:
Reference: No link this time
Suggested by: YinYangi

Man... this one took so long. So... tedious. I obviously could have pushed it much much further but... I just didn't have the patients to keep pushing a study too much further it was about 1am when I got to this level of completion.

Process Video Coming Soon

Recorded this one too... it was neat getting into more man made things but level of detail there is amazing and you don't really realize it until you are looking at the bricks and all the people on the side walk, lol. I tried blocking out a lot of the information with just similar colors and then moving things around slightly as I needed to. Great practice for an urban environment since I've never really done one before (especially not digitally) Definitely let me know what you think below.

Comments, Questions, suggestions, it's all welcome below. God bless, thanks for your time.


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