Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Study of the Day! (6/27/12)

Today's Study (well yesterday's... again):
Reference by Deimosleon

Pushed a little harder. You can see the detail in the hand and sword but didn't change too much else. What I learned here? Focus on anatomy for sure. both hands are off, the pose is just barely possible. I definitely need to get more anatomy studies in.

Sorry for the very late update got so caught up in πCraft Wednesday I forgot to post this until it was time for work. I need to get faster and more consistent. I want to focus on anatomy and faces for the time being so most of my studies will reflect them both. I'm not where I want to be yet,(artistically and in life) so I'm going to keep pushing until I get there! Won't let anything but God stop me! (And even then it will probably take a few hints, lol) Oh, and I think I'm going to start using these daily studies to spit out whatever is on my mind at the time...

Well guys, as always, if you have any question comments or suggestions for future PSotD's please make me aware below. God bless. Keep beastin'! Thanks for your time.


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