Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photo Study of the Day (6/19/12)

Today's Study:
References from eyedrawthings.com (An amazing resource for turnaround of the female face btw)

Any questions or comments; please post them below for me. God bless, and thanks for your time.



  1. Nice resource on that site. I will use that later.

    1. Do you do all of the drawings in 2hours, or 2hours for each?
    2. What process do you use when drawing them, additive or subtractive?
    3. What part of the face gives you the most difficulty, and which part do you like drawing the most?

  2. 1. 2 hours for all of them.
    2. Um... I don't know. First I use lines to get a rough idea of the shape of the face. (I really focus on angles and stuff)
    From there try and do a middle value to fill in that face shape. After that I start with the darkest value on the face and painting with about 50% opacity to help blend tones a little easier. I block in major values and try and blend them and make them look more like the model. I use the face itself as my palette.

    Next time I do the Photo Study of the Day (PSotD) I'll take progress shots so you can see my process a little better. If you're lucky I'll remember to take down the times between each step as well.

    3. Most difficult part is getting my values correct... but I think that's in general. Part of the face? that'd have to be the eyes. naturally people look at the eyes first. And I think eyes are one of the most important features when trying to capture likeness and emotion. So that level of intimidation always kind of gets me. the mouth is important too for similar reasons but everything around the mouth is so subtle.

    The more I do these the easier it gets though.

  3. To clarify, two hours all inclusive, NOT two hours each.