Saturday, June 2, 2012

More art a pinch of Mad.

Did lots of studies yesterday and I am also working on a background for Mad as well.
Here I am just working on getting tone and likeness. I put a two hour limit on this one; similar to my previous study.

 I realized I was having trouble with faces. (especially trying to make one up for the image below) So, I went ahead and tried to focus on that in these studies; trying to understand facial proportions for women.

I am liking how this is turning out so far. This is the beginning of a series of backgrounds I'm working on for Mad. Each emotion will have a character splash background with some cool quote like; "My Anger will cut through you.", or "I'll let my Fear be my strength!", or "My love will keep you safe."
This is a study in a sense, or more accurately an application of the studies I've been doing. It's really fun just getting lost in a piece you enjoy. I've put about an hour; maybe an hour in a half into what you see here.

Over tonight and tomorrow I plan on doing a bit of writing for the comic in between some studies so hopefully I can share that with those of you who came here because of Mad.

As always if you have any questions or comment please leave them below.

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