Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mad Monday! #1

Our first Mad Monday! I'm excited (even though I'm very late). I have quite a bit to share today!

Guard Captain Sagee

I wanted to introduce a new character, the Guard Captain Sagee. She is a very stern, serious hard willed character. Captian Sagee is in her mid 30s but she doesn't let age slow her down or excuse her from doing her best. Her claim to fame is her fear evoked 4-string great bow. It stands as tall as she does and she is not a short woman by any means!

Sagee takes her job of protecting her town very seriously and deals with perceived threats without hesitation. Despite hating violence she understands it's necessity in protecting the things one cares about.

When Sagee was still a girl she lost her father, who in his time was also a guard captain, to a gang of bandits while protecting townspeople. It is the fear of her father dying that both fuels her great bow and her desire to protect her town. While many conciser her a better guard than her father, Captain Sagee believes that without his sacrifice she wouldn't be nearly as strong she is today.

I've been fortunate enough to have the magical ability to stare at a black canvas, text document, or sheet of paper, and just watch as a world, it's governments, and it's peoples ripple out in front of me. I've never been that lucky with story an plot though. I wanted to take time to show you (and myself) that I am committed to an actual story not just character sheets and sketches. I've decided for our first Mad Monday I'll write out a rough outline of the first chapter. Keep in mind all of this is subject to change though.

Chapter One

We start with an establishing shot Sarah crossing through the swamps of the fear nation approaching the entrance to a small city; a bright contrast to the dark swamps. She wears her traditional costume. A striped super long sleeved shirt tucked into short shorts. Over the stripped shirt she wears a torn tank top with the symbol of Irah, the nation of the angry folks. She carries a backpack over one shoulder. Dry mud is caked on her bare legs and covers her shoes.

A man and a woman guard the gated entrance from an adjacent tower. The male wears a leather chest plate and helm, both with the fear nation's insignia in their centers. Under the armor is simple dark colored cloth. He holds a bow taunt and ready.
The woman has an estemed scene to her. She towers over the man, though she hides most of her frame in a big cloak. She too wears a leather helmet, but out of it spills long dark hair. A huge bow peaks out of her cloak and also reveals the shimmer of heavier steel armor underneath it.

As Sarah approaches the gate the male steps ahead of the woman. “State you name and business here!” He commands.
Annoyance clearly registers on Sarah's face. “I want food, fresh water, and a bed.” she responds.
“Awfully... curt aren't you? Your name!”
“Sarah, Sarah of Irah!”
The male looks to the female and she gives a nod. “You may enter Sarah of Irah.” The male guard says.
“But do mind your temper. Irahan” Says the female.
Sarah responds with a smirk.

Sarah sits at a bar taking sips from tea.
“Would you like more tea?” Asks the bartender.
"Please." Sarah nods her head. "When I finish this glass.” She takes another sip.
“You know young lady, you don't carry yourself like an Irahan girl.” The bartender says, his back to her.
Sarah cocks an eyebrow and begins to stand, but before she has time to speak the barkeeper does.
“I mean no offense by it.” He turns around. “It must be hard on all of you with your king suddenly missing.”
Sarah pouts and looks away and slowly lowers herself back into her seat. She picks up her tea and takes a sip. "It's not like most of us knew him personally." She gestures nonchalantly. "And it isn't like any of the tribes really care."
"Did  you know him personally? Do you care?"
Sarah is visibly caught off guard by the question, and poorly tries to regain composure. "How would I know the king?!"
The bartender hesitates. “I'm sorry. Here, next cup is on me.”
Sarah shoots out of her seat and slams her cup down. “I don't want your pity barkeep!” Sarah storms out of the bar, but then comes back in.“I will take the tea though!” She downs it in a gulp and storms back out.

Sarah begins to make her way to the inn, still frustrated and angry. In an alleyway she see a group of at least ten men shoving a small girl and boy between them. They poke fun of their colorful clothing and their homeland, the nation of joy. "Why come to our nation?" "Home not happy enough for you?"
"It's very important that we talk to the fear king!" The kids manage between shoves.

"Leave them alone!" Sarah yells. She drops her bag and releases her Anger forming a sharp pulsating blade in her left hand and rushes down the men. Immediately 2 of the men grab the kids and begin pulling them deeper into the ally. Four men draw bows moving in front of the children and fire at Sarah. She weaves back and forth dodging and slashing arrows out of the sky. Sarah jumps and does a spinning slash down at one of the men. He blocks it with his bow. As another other man draws back for a shot Sarah spins a fist into his jaw knocking him off his feet. Sarah dodges another arrow as she delivers a spinning slash across the first man's abdomen, the tip of her blade rips through him effortlessly.
"How is she moving so fast with that huge blade?!" One man screams out.
Sarah speeds to another one of the thugs and quickly does a long vertical swing upward the man steps backward in time to avoid Sarah's blade, but his bow shatters and the blade passes through it. as the blade continues move over Sarah's head she swings her fist up behind it, following a path similar to her blade, and connects with the man's jaw sending him soaring through the air. Sarah continues running forward towards the children.

"I've got her get those kids back to the theater now!" One of 7 men still standing yell. Sarah shoots past he fourth man and heads. But after the bang of a gun shot she stops. A puzzled look over takes her rage and her weapon disappears. she touches her arm right arm  then removes it and looks at her hand... she sees blood.

Behind her the man she passed readies an arrow but is suddenly slammed against a wall.

Sarah's blade reappears in her hand only this time larger and more violent. With a few steps and the increased range she is able to hit the mans rifle just as he fires another shot knocking him off balance. Sarah rears her blade back for a finishing blow and jumps for the final strike when she too is knocked out of the sky by a strong blow into the wall of the alley. Sarah, with blurred vision, sees some of the men slamming into the same wall just before passing out.

Moments later the female guard from earlier approaches her. “I said mind your temper Sarah of Irah.” The woman says as Sarah blacks out.


Hope that was enjoyable and kind of wets the pallet for more of Mad. I mean, it leaves me wanting more that's for sure!

Well as always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. God bless and thanks for your time.


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